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Hilltop Historical Society

Westside Blockwatches

The Hilltop Area has 11 Blockwatches dedicated to fighting crime on the Hilltop
Remember: Crime is Negative.  Community input is Positive!

Odgen Ave Block Watch Web Page

Listed below are the Blockwatches, their area represented and Coordinators for them

Columbus Division of Police Liason Officer: Officer  645-1419

Ogden Ave Blockwatch: Lisa and Justin Boggs

Hilltop Neighborhood Action Group:  Powell to Ogden/ Broad St to Sullivant Ave: Annette Jefferson

Westage Blockwatch:  Westmoor to Demorest  Broad St to Sullivant Ave:   Karen Lorenez 272-2650, Dave Lonsdale 272-7148

Camp Chase Blockwatch: S Chase Ave to S. Huron Ave, Borad Street to Sullivant Ave:  Lisa Grazier:  LMGrazier@yahoo.com

Wayne Avenue Blockwatch: Sullivant Ave to Mound Street; Charles and Wanda Gaul 272-7441

WOW Blockwatch: N Wheatland, N Oakley and N. Wayne, John Contonio,

Great Western Blockwatch: Haldy Ave and all streets west to Orel Ave, Jay McCallister, gwblockwatch@sbcglobal.net

Hilltop Senior Village Blockwatch and Civic Association: Overstreet Way off WIlson Park Way, Edward Diamond, e_h-diamond@yahoo.com

Block T Blockwatch: Crescent Drive from Binns Blvd to Wetmoor Ave and S Huron fom Broad Street to Crescent Drive, Bob Yocom, Ryocom1931@aol.com

Wilshire Heights Blockwatch: Crescent Rd to Hague Ave, Sullivant Ave to Eakin Rd, Kathy Hoke, 276-5562, KathyHoke@gamail.com

South Wedgewood Blockwatch: Wedgewood Dr from Briggs Rd to Clime Rd and connecting streets to Melwood on West. Pam Weaver, 279-4801   Weaverpam@yahoo.com

Neighborhood Activist: Fred Tompkins, Ftompkins@sbcglobal.net