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Hilltop Historical Society

State Hospital Cemeteries on the Hilltop

Twin Valley Behavorial Health  (TVBH)
has announced a goal of Cemetery Reclamation
for its 3 cemeteries.


On July 7, 2009 a ceremony was held
to unveil the Memorial Stone for the
TICO cemetery.  Identical stones will 
be placed at the other 2 cemeteries


TICO Cemetery just to the West
of the new Columbus Police Heliport


Example of the Stone for the gate
and fences that will be put up.


State New Insane Cemetery (Photo copyright Leona Gustafson)


Director Stephenson talks at the
Dedication Ceremony on Jul 7,2009

The reclamation project will
be helped by volunteer
efforts. To participate in this
project please contact Maureen Fahy
Coordinator of Volunteer Services
614-752-0333 ext 5141


Bob Short, CEO, TVBH opens
the ceremony.


Sandy Stephenson, Director Ohio
Department of Mental Health addresses
the crowd.


State Old Insane and Penal Cemetery at Harper and McKinley (Photo copyright  Leona Gustafson)


Hilltop Historical Society Board Member Richard Hoffman talks to the asembled gathering about what it means to have the cemeteries reclaimed.