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Hilltop Historical Society



 The Year in Review


Franklin County Bicentennial


The Hilltop Society was one of a number of Historical Societies that were present at the Franklin County Bicentennial Celebration held at the Franklin County Fairgrounds on April 30th thru May 4th this year.  The back wall of the exhibit building had that Hilltop Historical Society, Arthur Boke display, Franklinton Historical Society and the Franklin County Gemological Society joined together for a history of the west side of Columbus.


Route 40 Bicentennial Wagon Train


  As the Route 40 Bicentennial wagon train made its way west along West Broad Street On July 6th, The Hilltop Historical Society and other groups welcomed the wagon train at old Fire Station 17.






Camp Chase Cemetery Annual Memorial Service



The 108th Annual Camp Chase Memorial Service was held on June 11, 2003.  In Spite of the prospect of a large rainstorm, guest speaker Leslie Blankenship gave an inspiring talk of women during the civil war.  Joe Briggs once again blessed us with his rendition of taps.





 West High School Alumni Association will be celebrating the 75th Anniversary of West High School with a program on May 22, 2004.  Part of the plans for the celebration is a garden and brickwalk way to be created around the sign on Powell Avenue.  The Alumni Association is selling bricks to make up the walkway.  A small brick with 3 lines and up to 13 characters per line will be sold for $50.00, A paver with 5 lines of text and 13 characters per line is being sold for $100.00.  To order a brick please send the information for a brick, as it would appear on the brick with a check for the appropriate amount to Lynda Bryant, Treasurer, West High alumni Association, Galloway OH 43119-0242.  Please ensure that you provide your return address and phone Number.



Hilltop Photo History Project


The Hilltop Historical Society is starting to prepare a pictorial history of the Hilltop.  This would be prepared on a computer CD-ROM disk and would be available for sale from the society. Copies would also be provided to the Columbus and State Libraries.


Various projects over the years have created a variety of histories with some pictures.  Of course Lois Neff has printed many of these in the Westside Messenger. Any photos that she currently has will be included in the project. The goal of this project would be to make a composite of all these to preserve a more complete history of the Hilltop.


With today’s technology we are able to make electronic copies of old pictures and not have to try to maintain photographs that would fade in storage.  Also individuals would not have to give up their personal pictures.


Any persons who wish to either donate or let their pictures be copied, please send the to the Hilltop Historical Society.  Please include any information of the picture to include names of any individuals in the picture.  Credit will be given to those who provide the pictures.  All pictures that are sent to be copied only will be returned to the owners as soon as possible.



















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